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internship @ Softlets

We offers Full-semester internship programs to Students & Corporates

Interns work here for their full semester programs and contribute a significant piece of work which adds a lot of value to their profiles as well as to our Global learning project.

Our mission is to identify bright, serious and dedicated students/interns from a college and give them extraordinarily tough challenging projects that will significantly elevate their learning to newer levels.

  1. Good technical knowledge in the chosen Topic. We really want an intern to be knowledgeable in selected topic so that our challenging project in that topic will make the intern a Master of that Subject.
  2. Ability to work independently for extended hours.
  3. Extremely good written communication skills – Intern contribution are directly put in Softlets website which is visible to the world and hence there is no scope for any grammatical error. As part of selection process, we give extra weight-age to anyone who has written a good Whitepaper / Research Paper / Technical Document / Ranking.
  4. Work from home/Campus – In this world, a good internet connection and a Laptop is a necessity. If you don’t have it, then you are not in.
  5. An ideal candidate for our internship program should be able to spend 20 hours per week for 3 months. Alternatively, the intern can spend 40 hours per week for 1.5 months as full time intern. Intern would be working from home/campus only as a part-time/full-time contributor.