Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Build a competitive edge with cognitive systems

Apply machine learning to make data-driven decisions at a speed demanded by your business. Multidimensional problems that cannot be easily analyzed by the human brain can be resolved using a wide range of machine learning techniques. By identifying latent structures in data, revealing new insights, and making accurate predictions from data, machine learning algorithms can contextualize the information contained in huge datasets.

Leveraging machine learning, you can optimize information-centric business processes, customize solutions per customer requirement, drive productivity, forecast demand, among a host of other possibilities.

Cognitive Solutions for Every Business Use Case

Conversational Bots
Recommendation Engines
Intelligent Automation
Predictive Systems
Text Analytics Solutions

Using IBM Watson for Cognitive Computing

The Watson AI platform enables different flavors of cognitive solutions with its ability to ingest, classify, and analyze large quantities of text, audio, and visual data.

The level of natural language processing and domain customization possible with Watson allows developers to train the AI engine to high levels of accuracy in a relatively short span of time. We can also integrate with other IBM services, such as Watson Analytics, to build cognitive solutions that demystify data, delivering specific insights.

Cognitive Search

Empower users to find information buried in tons of domain-specific literature. Deploy continuously learning and self-improving solutions to empower knowledge workers across banking, health, IT support, and a multitude of other service sectors.

Intelligent Chatbots

Use AI chatbots for customer service, employee onboarding, product marketing, and more. Let the cognitive robot take over; allow it to interact with your end users on the platform of their choice to improve engagement and satisfaction.

Connected Intelligence

Connect distributed assets, devices, and even people to a single platform. Study the collected data to identify patterns or similarities. Optimize operations and predict events using machine learning and through statistical analysis of historical and time-series data.

Text to Speech

Improve the accessibility of your products and apps with text-to-speech service. Integrate any one of the TTS services to build cognitive speech solutions that accommodate even the visually challenged, offering them a better customer experience.