Quality Assurance, Validating & Testing

Qualityassurance Validating & Testing

Customers will not tolerate slow, complicated, or defective applications. Why risk losing customers and compromise your competitive edge? Find issues in your application before users do. Our quality assurance (QA) techniques and agile test strategies will help you launch applications with zero defects
Proactive Approach Toward Quality Assurance

To ensure seamless end-user experience, the QA process needs to be strategized and proactively applied, integrating appropriate testing methods at each stage. Studying business objectives of the product, we plan out the test environment, process, and tools. Identifying defects ahead in time helps cut down costs and ensure quick, value-driven delivery.

Defect-Free Delivery Through Independent Testing

Whether it is functional or non-functional testing, manual or automated approaches, we have experience in testing multiple platforms and complex software systems such as enterprise content management systems or high-traffic eCommerce websites. We also have well-defined QA processes for the different methodologies of software development, be it RUP, agile, or waterfall.

Testing Methodology

Our testing methodology incorporates the continual process of measuring, monitoring, and feedback analysis to ensure that we prevent errors in an ongoing development process. Agile testing methodology, close collaboration with clients, and efficient change management process enable us to quickly roll out quality results.

Quality Assurance Tools

We have a dedicated device lab and proprietary tools that enable us to reduce your overhead costs and improve time-to-market. We may also develop plug and play QA solutions based on our client’s need. Our team of certified (CSTE, ISTQB, CSQA, CMST) testing professionals will help identify the best solution for your application.

Functional Testing
Unsupervised (Unknown Target)