Cloud Services

Enterprises are finding the cloud imperative to fuel innovation, agility, and responsiveness. Our cloud consulting services will enable you to attain projected benefits through a seamless transition to cloud-based applications. Once cloud-enabled, you can easily set up new projects or test environments, build proof of concepts, and be as agile as your customers dictate.

As a cloud consulting company, we enable enterprises to plan and execute secure, scalable, high-performance cloud solutions. Our umbrella of cloud computing services includes cloud consulting, cloud migration service, cloud management, DevOps adoption, cloud-native application development, cloud integrations, cloud monitoring, and cloud security posture management.

Cloud Platforms We Supports

Cloud Migration Consulting and Strategy
Cloud migration is challenging. Whether you are migrating an on-premises application to the cloud or moving from one cloud platform to another (cloud-to-cloud migration), our cloud experts can help you get it done efficiently. We help you migrate successfully through effective strategy and phased approach.
Cloud-Native Applications

Applications that are inherently designed to reflect the distributed nature of a cloud environment can adapt better to a cloud platform. Such applications can easily avail cloud services to meet the expectations of availability, scalability, and reliability. We architect cloud-native solutions adopting DevOps practices and automated monitoring to ensure faster product releases and reduced time-to-market.

Cloud Management Services

We provision, configure, monitor, and manage the cloud environments 24/7, helping clients maintain their service-level agreements. Be it public cloud platforms from market leaders or private environments such as OpenStack, our cloud experts can manage the cloud environments for you. They will monitor utilization and take necessary action to optimize your cloud costs and ensure significant savings.

Serverless Hosting

At this level of cloud hosting service, you can enjoy seamless scalability without a worry about infrastructure. We help clients choose their FaaS provider and build and deploy applications using the serverless model.

Cloud Security

Cloud migration is inevitable in this age. But, you can minimize the risks to your business with efficient security measures. Build your security posture with the help of our team of experts and relax as you reap the benefits of cloud migration.

Cloud Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your cloud applications and infrastructure helps you keep them functioning optimally. We can set up manual and automated systems for effective monitoring and management of your cloud environments.

Cloud Integration Services

When businesses decide to go for cloud-based enterprise applications, such as Salesforce, integrating the SaaS software with existing on-premises applications is crucial. A comprehensive integration strategy will help you seamlessly embrace third-party cloud applications. With customizations and single sign-on implementation across cloud and in-house applications, we can make the cloud software adoption even more smoother for your users.