Mobile Solutions

Developing Future-Ready Mobile Apps

Do you wish to infuse your business with the best and latest of mobile technology?

Tap into our mobility expertise to build a futuristic solution. We have experience building enterprise applications to consumer-focused mobile apps and understand what makes an app succeed.

Mobile Strategy
We can help you figure out the most efficient way to leverage mobility to improve your business. Be it boosting productivity or creating an immersive shopping experience, we will help you chalk out a solid mobile-first approach.
Mobile App Development
Creative apps using the latest technology is our forte. To realize your ideas into applications, we have a multidisciplinary team lined up. From concept to app store promotion, we will lead you through the entire app lifecycle.
Enterprise Mobility Services

With many functions to cater to and challenges to address, enterprises have a lot to gain from mobility. We integrate cloud and mobile strategies to build solutions for process enablement, productivity enhancement, data security, ECM, BYOD, IoT, and more.

Mobility Solutions


Real-time or turn-based, single or multiplayer, build addictive games that work on multiple platforms.


Enable secure and wireless interaction with other NFC-enabled devices for a wide range of applications.

Video/Audio Streaming

Seamlessly stream rich audio and video content through mobile devices.


Explore opportunities in micro-location targeting using beacons. Build custom apps integrated with beacon technology.

Internet of Things

Connect with and control all your devices in real time using IoT-enabled mobility solutions


Tracking personal fitness or employee productivity, customize wearables to work for your goals.

Gamify to increase app engagement. Prompt users into action with rewards and recognitions.
Augmented/Virtual Reality

Create life-like experience of products or services and offer closest-to-reality insights.