We are Developing Robotic Solution Not to take over Humans but to Make Work much more Humane.

Bandicoot is a robotic machine that is engineered for cleaning any type of sewer manholes. The robot consists of two major units, a stand unit and a robotic drone unit. The drone unit which will dive into the manholes for the cleaning operations or unblocking operations. The diving depth of the robotic drone is customizable according to the maximum depth needed of our clients. Add-on feature Nano coating in addition to the powder coating surface treatment process enables the robot to perform its operation in any hazardous or corrosive sewerage environments effectively for a longer period. The bandicoot has the flexibility to perform more efficient cleaning than humans in terms of time and efficiency of manhole cleaning. The drone unit is equipped with an extendable robotic arm with four degrees of freedom to perform grabbing, shovelling and unblocking actions inside the manholes. To gain stability while performing these actions the robotic drones are designed with 4 expandable legs, with the help of an integrated waste-collecting bucket system the collected waste can lift out from the manhole

The operator can control the drone unit by monitoring through a high definition display which will get input from IP68 waterproof cameras mounted on the drone unit. The stand unit also has a second display on the user interface area for various other interactions such as checking the quantity of poisonous gas inside the manhole and training assistance for better user experience and easy rehabilitation of sanitation workers.

The sensor-based feedback system incorporated in the robot will allow the user to know the position of the robotic drone unit inside the manhole, thus the user can do a surgical cleaning process with high efficiency. The bandicoots come with automatic mode also by taking initial boundary conditions of manholes. 

When Engineering Meets Compassion!

Bandicoot comes with features that are carefully engineered to improve the safety of the workers, making it the ‘perfect solution’ that complies with MS ACT 2013 to eliminate manual scavenging

Compatible manholes : All Standard Manholes | Removable Wastes : Hard Rocks, Sand, Silt, Sludge, Non-biodegradable Wastes, etc. | Diving Capacity : 10M (Customizable) | Lifting Capacity : 125 KG (per cycle) | Operating Power : Electric AC (220-240V)

What Makes Bandicoot More efficient

More Reachablilty To Every Corner

For precise cleaning inside the manholes, stability is essential. Bandicoot comes with 4 Robotic Legs to improve stabilization by adjusting each leg, creating more reachability and 100% efficiency.

Precise and Surgical Cleaning
Bandicoot is designed with expandable Multi-functioning Robotic Arm that performs Picking, Grabbing and Shovelling, helps in precise surgical cleaning.
More Grabbing Area

Bandicoot comes with the combination of expandable bucket system and robotic arm that can move to all the corners, enabling more grabbing area, resulting in 100% efficient cleaning.

More Grabbing Area

Bandicoot is the only solution that is portable and easy to manoeuvre in urban, gully regions and narrow roads, creating zero traffic congestion, making it the most accessible robotic scavenger in the world.


What Makes Bandicoot More efficient


We are on a mission to eliminate manual scavenging using Robotics and AI through #missionRobohole, by Changing Manholes to Roboholes. With #missionRobohole, we have transformed the lives of more than 1700 workers by providing skill development training, awareness sessions, health camps and much more, ensuring them a safe and clean working environment.