G Gaiter.

Medical & Mobility Robotic Solution

G-Gaiter is a robotic gait training platform for the rehabilitation of paraplegic patients. The robotic unit is formed by three major systems, one is the leg actuation system, the second one is the partial weight support system and the third one is the treadmill system. The synchronized performance of these systems gives the robot a most physiological gait.

The system uses pneumatic and electrical actuation technologies for gait training. The hybrid actuation system gives effort and assistance to the physiotherapist to create an efficient orthosis.

G-Gaiter leg actuation system is using pneumatic actuators for the assistance of hip and knee joints and passive spring assistance to the ankle joint. The system gives complete flexibility and compliance for creating the most physiological gait. The Partial Body weight support system gives a vertical translation to the patient for smooth walking with the aid of electrical actuation. Meanwhile, the treadmill system gives various speeds of walking in sync with leg actuation and body weight support system. The device incorporates facility in using a wide range of hip measurements, height measurements and weight measurements for assisting patients in different age

groups and body shapes. With the help of a sensory feedback system with an accuracy of millidegrees in the G-Gaiter provides the flexibility of creating multiple gaits desired by the physiotherapist.